buy tongkat ali extract

Buy 100:1 HPLC standardized Tongkat ali extract.

Buy Tongkat Ali extract

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1:100 tongkat ali extract.

Our tongkat ali extract is made from tongkat ali root (EurycomaLongifolia) sourced deep in the jungle of Kalimantan (indonesian part of borneo). Since Tongkat ali must be harvested in the real wild forest (it cannot be grown on plantations) there are never many pesticides and pollution present in the roots.

Our tongkat ali is not dried and extracted with the traditional extraction method where high temperatures are used to dry the tongkat ali and make the extracts but we have used new methods of spray drying in which the tongkat ali is not overheated to create the extract. This is not only a cheaper method of extraction but it also does not damage the active compounds found in the Tongkat ali. This is also the reason our extract is much lighter in color compared with extracts that have been dried using the traditional drying process.

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