If you are burning kratom regularly, for instance on a daily basis, you want to avoid becoming tolerant to the plant, meaning that you would feel less and less effect from a dosage. Some people would combat this by increasing the dosage but that is not cost effective because you will need more and more kratom and the costs will increase likewise.

For a long time i have used White Sumatra with my workout. It helps me to become a bit hyper and i can work harder (lift heavier) when i take White Sumatra. I only used White Sumatra for a long time and the effects became less and less because i was building tolerance to the particular (alkaloids) strain. One day i decided to try the Stem and Vein powder and suddenly i felt a completely new burn again as if i had never taken kratom before, and the effects to my workout improved a lot again.


Tapering is one way to prevent or lessen kratom tolerance. Tapering means that you slowly decrease or increase the intake of kratom every day and rotate that regimen. When doing this the body never gets used to a given dosage of kratom (and therefor alkaloids), so you will not easy develop tolerance. But tapering does not work for everybody.

Rotating strains

Another way to avoid becoming tolerant to kratom is to rotate your use of strains. For example you take one dosage per day 7 days a week and you have 7 strains. Then you can use a different strain every day to avoid tolerance. This routine does work but what if you use kratom for only one purpose? For example to battle pain or anxiety? Then you would not have a lot of benefits on the day that you rotate the White Sumatra since this strain has different effects for most people.

Cycling kratom

Refreshing your body and receptors by not using kratom for one week for example can help battling kratom tolerance. You can experience some withdrawal symptoms, if so then maybe you should just take a little bit to battle that (cycling and tapering are related).

Using Stem and Vein sometimes

As i said before the Stem and Vein kratom has a different alkaloid profile from any other strain. The vein carries different alkaloids and the stem and vein powder is also a mix (blend) of all the leaves and this also makes the alkaloid profile different and therefore it tickles different receptors.

There are probably many more ways to battle the kratom tolerance.