There is no doubt kratom can be beneficial to battle depression and anxiety. Kratom does improve your mood, makes one more cheerfull, more energetic, positive and happy and also less worried. From my own experience (i myself did and still do use kratom to battle my own mild depression and anxiety) it does work really well.

But AND THIS IS A BIG BUT, kratom should never be taken against depression if one suffers from a moderate to heavy depression AND when you are already USING MEDICINES (ANTIDEPRESSANTS) AND ARE ALREADY RECEIVING treatment for your depression. One should NEVER start using kratom without consulting ones doctor first and NEVER should one stop using the antidepressants one is currently using when starting with the kratom.

So if you are using antidepressants and are under treatment from a doctor you can ONLY start using kratom as an extra help so to say, and never do so unless your physician has given you the green light.

Kratom itself can lift the feelings of negativism, pessimism, hopelessness and lack of energy that are often felt when one suffers from depression. The effects often do not last very long however, mostly 3 to 5 hours.

Which strains work best against depression and how much to take?

This is not easy to say. It is a matter of trying out the different strains and finding the one that works best for you and your situation. I myself feel that the green strains seem to work best against depression. I have been using the Green Malay, and more recently the Green Sumatra and they work in my opinion the best for me. But as with everything related to kratom, everything works differently for everybody.
For you the white strains might work best against depression because white strains are generally the most upliftig strains. So if you wat to try to use kratom against depression it is best to experiment with the green and white strains for best results.
The dosage to take against depression is also a matter of trying. a too low dosage would maybe not help enough against your depression and a dosage too high is also not good because it can make you feel more numb and give you even less energy. I think a dosage ranging from 4 to 6 grams would be the best, but everybody is different so you must find the perfect dosage by testing and trying.


When you suffer from a light depression and you are not currently taking medicine or receiving treatment you can consider trying kratom to battle your depression. When you suffer from a more heavy depression and are already receiving medicine and other treatments against your depression you must first consult your doctor and ask him if you could take kratom as an extra help. Only when your doctor gives you the green light you can then start taking kratom, and only per his or her instructions how to incorporate kratom into your regimen.