There are many ways to take the kratom (i am referring only to taking kratom powder in this article, not crushed leaves etc). Some ways work best for some people but sometimes it can also be beneficial to the working of the kratom to change your ingestion method if your current ingestion method does not seem to work as well (anymore).

Tosh and wash.

the tosh and wash method is in my opinion for the really brave people. Tosh and wash is nothing other then taking for example a small scoop of dry kratom powder in your mouth and then wash it down with some sips of water, fruit juice or whatever you like. This is not a good method for beginners because of the fact that kratom tastes really bad (bitter) and this method could cause you to vomit and that is not something you are looking for.

Make a kratom shake

This method consists of first filling a shake beaker with a chosen drink and then put some kratom powder on top of that and shake it until it forms a homogeneous paste.
This is the method i mostly use. You can use kratom with any kind of drink the best ones that seem to work are:
1) fruit juice for instance orange juice, grapfruit, mixed fruit juice, grape juice;
2) yoghurt drink or chocolade milk

If you use fruit juice you could try sweet fruit juice such as grape juice, it masks the bitter taste of the kratom a bit. Grapefruit and orange juice are a bit citric so they could make the taste not as good but it seems that the acids in those juices work well with kratom.
The benefits of combining yoghurt drink or even better chocolate drink with kratom are that those drinks are quite smooth and make the kratom go down that much more easy. An added benefit of combining kratom with chocolade milk is that the taste of the kratom combined with chocolate milk goes very well together and it makes it almost taste good.

Make a kratom tea

This is a method that might not give the best results (especially when you decide to throw away the kratom powder residue). The tea will also taste very bitter, so you will almost be forced to put some sugar or honey inside to make it more palatable.

Take kratom capsules

This might be a good methode for people who really cannot handle the kratom, who continue to be nauseous after they have taken kratom no matter what method they use to ingest it. The problem with this method is that one has to take a fair amount of capsules every time.

Mix kratom with apple sauce (appelmoes)

This is a method i have tried recently and it seems to work quite well. You should not mix too much kratom with too little apple sauce because that makes a quite horrible meal. The best thing to do is to not put too much katom in too little apple sauce but just a little bit. Then mix it together and eat it up. Some people say the apple sauce – kratom mix makes the kratom stronger but i did not notice that the effects became stronger, more the same basically.

Make a kratom fruit smoothy

For this method you need a blender. Cut your choice of fruits in pieces, put it in a blender together with 150 ml of water and scoop the kratom powder on top, and blend it into a nice fruitshake/smoothy.
This works quite well in my opinion especially if one of the fruits you put in the blender is a piece of banana.
For this smoothy i usually use:
1) half a banana
2) a ripe sweet pear
3) the juice of one previously squeezed orange
4) about 100/150 ml of water.