We often get questions from customers which strain works the best for pain relief. The fact is that the analgesic properties of kratom are present in every kratom strain. They are a general side-effect of kratom intake.

So you could in fact use every strain for pain relief, however, some stains seem to work better (and longer) when taken to battle pain. The red strains seem to be the best suited to be taken for pain relief, they work often a bit longer then for instance the white strains and green strains. Generally the analgesic effects last between 4 to 6 hours, with the white and green strains the pain relief often lasts around 4 hours whereas with the red strains these effects can last longer.

For pain relief i would generally recommend Red Vein Borneo, Red Horn or Red Sumatra. But as with everything it is a matter of testing the strains out. (different strains work differently for different people).

How much to take if i use Kratom for pain relief?

You generally don’t need to take much kratom to feel the analgesic effects. 3 or 4 grams (for some people even 2 grams) can be sufficient. If you really use kratom as a replacement for the mainstream painkiller medicine, you could use for instance 3 grams every 5 hours so the pain will be kept at bay throughout the day.