We are working hard to get our new strains in store again, we hope to have them again in shop early next week.

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At the Kratomshop we strive to offer you the BEST quality kratom at the LOWEST possible price!. We offer all our kratom strains now at 15% 20% discount.

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OUR KRATOM IS NEVER OLDER THEN 1 MONTH!! We ship and sell out of The Netherlands, We don’t use wholesalers to buy our kratom but our kratom comes straight from the source, we purchase straight from reliable and professionally working harvesters, handpicked by us.

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Why our kratom?

We sell real fresh highest quality kratom no vendor in Europe can provide

Our kratom is harvested from trees that grow wild in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Our kratom powders are 100% organic, no pesticides and insecticides are used. Our suppliers use advanced harvesting and drying and processing techniques. As a result the powders contain a high alkaloid level. The kratoms are regularly tested for quality and alkaloid content…

We deliver only the freshest and most effective kratom. Unlike many suppliers who offer so-called improved, standardized or super kratom, we offer only the real pure product. We supply only the red, white and green kratoms with the highest alkaloid contents.

Our products are not meant for human consumption