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People often ask us

How do i cancel my order?

If you paid through a payent provider such as Ideal or Giropay, you can send us a whatsapp or email so we can return your payment. Did you make a bank order your order will be removed automtically after a month if it is not paid.

I am in rehab for medication or drug related issues, what strain can i take?

This depends on your body chemistry and how your body reacts. Often red strains can help to fight pain related to rehab issues.

Which strain is beneficial for depression and stress?

Same as above, try the one that suits you best. Often though the green strains will help really good against depression and stress related complaints.

Which strain can i take for pain relief?

For pain relief red strains can be really beneficial. For instance Red Borneo has a great track record in this regard. The green strains though could also really be good for pain relief.

Which strain to take for gym or exercise?

Same again, try some strains to find the one that suits you. White and green strains seem to give a lot of energy and can really be helpfull with exercise, especially cardio exercises can really benefit from these strains.

I like to give a review where can i put one?

Below the product you would like to review you find 2 tabs. One description and one for reviews. Click the review tab and the review list will open. Scroll down until you find the review form below the reviews. You need to be logged in though to be able to write a review.

How long does it take before i get my parcel?

In the Netherlands we pay PostNL for next day delivery, so if you made your order before 3.30 pm, it should arrive the next day. Unfortunately this does not happen every day, sometimes it takes longer in The Netherlands before you get your order. If you live abroad, it will take usually between 3 and 5 work days before your order is delivered.
Did you not get anything within a week or so? Then you can contact us.

What description do i put in my bank payment?

If you paid by bank please write the ORDERNUMBER as payment description.

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