One of the most important if not THE most important responsibility of a kratom vendor is to keep the quality of his kratom at least consistent for his loyal customers. Of course it is also wise to try to even IMPROVE the quality of the kratom in store but it must at least be of a good and consistent quality.

This is no easy task considering the fact that kratom is a 100% natural product and sometimes harvest batches of leaves can vary in alkaloid content. The alkaloids in the leaves are what gives the ranges of effects that kratom gives and (simply said) the better the alkaloid content, the better the quality of the kratom.

To achieve a consistently high quality in kratom a vendor has to have a good process in order and probably most importantly he needs to have one or more very reliable, trusted and professional suppliers. He needs to have his process in order: Steps to take are (among others)

1) He has to select one or more very good suppliers that are trusted, professional, faithfull, serious and commited to only offer the best quality they can find and who keep striving to improve the quality of their product if possible.

2) He needs his vendors to regularly undertake a chemical analysis of the leave harvest and have them submit lab results to him so he can keep monitoring the quality.

3) He needs to visit his suppliers on a regular basis (ours are based in Kalimantan, Pontianak and in Malaysia) to check and monitor the process of storage, processing (among others the grinding process), drying and packing of the kratom. And not be scared to offer tips and comments to his suppliers if he sees something he thinks could or should be improved in the process.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we really have found good and reliable suppliers and we regularly visit our suppliers (at least once a year, if possible twice per year) to check and monitor the process and request improvements where needed. We also have them submit samples to labs for testing for each harvest.

We are therefore sure our quality is as consistent as possible but of course kratom is and will always be a product from nature and therefore it can never be 100% waterproof. But with the process in place and the steps taken to guard the quality we do offer a consistent product and we are committed to keep doing this for as long as we will be able to sell kratom.

Thanks to all our loyal customers for their trust in us and we hope with you that we can keep using this beautiful product for a long time to come in Europe.

Kratom is a great natural remedy for a host of maladies and it also has benefits for a lot of non-disease related complaints, and people using kratom don’t suffer from horrible and unwanted side effects that regular medicines that can also be used for ailments that kratom battles often have. This is often one of the main reasons that people who have discovered that kratom also helps against their problem (sometimes even better than the mainstream medicin they previously used) decide to either stop their regular medication(*) or import kratom into their medication.
(*)Never stop using the prescribed medicines without consulting your doctor or physician first !!!!