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Capsules green horn, green motan, red horn

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HPMC / size: 00

0.6 gr. per caps.

You can now also buy the strains above in capsules.

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Product Description

Buy Green horn capsules, Green motan capsules and Red Horn capsules

You can now also buy the kratom strains above in capsules.
Capsules are a good way to use kratom if you don’t like or cannot stomach the taste of kratom. We offer 2 sizes in capsules:

  • 100 grams in capsules
  • 200 grams in capsules

About the capsules

We use 100% vegetarian (HPMC) capsules of ’00’ size. 1 capsule consists of around 0.5 gram (half a gram) of kratom. The weight of the empty capsules is not included in your order. So if you order for instance 100 grams in capsules you will receive 100 grams of Kratom.

Capsules green horn, green motan, red horn

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