We included a new discount for all orders made above €95,- This discount will (should) be included automatically if you make an order with a total amount over €95,-. You should though still check if the discount is included, sometimes the system can be wrong.

Free shipping above €125,-

Be careful if you usually order just over €125,- and get free shipping, you should really check your shopping cart if shipping is not still included. Because the discount of 10% will effect any orders made that are over €95 euro. If you for instance order a total amount of €130 you would usually get free shipping but due to the discount which will be calculated the total amount AFTER the discount has been calculated over your total will be €130 – €13 = €117. So in this case you will be presented with shipping costs because after the discount was applied the total order amount is below €125,-

What should my total order amount be to just get free shipping?

In order to still apply for free shipping the total order amount BEFORE THE DISCOUNT should be at least €140,- €140,- MINUS 10% (€14) = €126,-

So if your total order is a minimum amount of €140,- you will still get free shipping, so then you will have both discounts in place, (free shipping + the 10% discount).