It’s very important to store your kratom the right way. If the kratom is not stored correctly it can lose it’s potency and effectiveness rather fast.

1) Store the kratom in a cool and dark and dry place
It’s very important to store your kratom in a cool, dark and non-humid place. This is probably the most important factor to keep in mind. It is best to store it in a place where the temperature is not fluctuating much (the temperature should be between 16 and 20 degrees and not fluctuate more).

2) keep kratom away from sunlight
It’s very important to keep the kratom away from sunlight. So don’t store it near a window for instance, best is to put it in a cupboard anyway a place away from direct or indirect sunlight. The ultra violet from the sun would destroy the alkaloids slowly but surely

Keep any moisture out of the kratom
Its extremely important that no moisture (for instance one drop of water, would come in contact with the powder because this will lead to fungus development in the powder and could potentially also cause harmfull bacteries to grow which could make you very sick.

Keep the kratom in an airtight or almost airtight container or siplock
its important to keep as much as possible all air out of the kratom. It does not have to be vacuum sealed all the time but it would be a good idea (if you keep it stored in a siplock) to remove most of the air every time you have opened the ziplock and close it again.
It may be better to keep it in a fully airtight container.